Zinc Deficiency

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    Hello all. I'm new to this forum. I live in PA and raise Nubian and Toggenburg dairy goats. I have a question about minerals. I have some Nubians that the breeder I purchased them from said had a Zinc deficiency. She said the certain line they carry has a tendency to it. I am currently top dressing their feed with Zinpro Availa 4. It says to feed 1.0 grams per head daily (very little amount), but if my girls have a deficiency should I feed a little more, since they are deplete in it? I was also wondering if anyone else has ever had a problem.

    These are the ingredients:

    Total Amino Acid.....20.48%

    I also have a free choice mineral out, free choice kelp and baking soda. I top dress their feed with Diamond V Yeast Culture also.
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    What are the evidences of zinc deficiency?

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    With the loose minerals out and the additions your giving it should be enough but I really can't answer your question with any authority or knowledge. What did the breeder use to conteract that.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    First I would say that if the breeder was really worried about zinc defficency in the doe and wasn't just passing offhand info about why the does coat was not in the best of conditions etc...I am always the pessimist :) than she would have thoroughly gone over zinc defficency with you, the causes of it etc...so much so that you would not have to come on a forum like ours and ask more questions.

    Do you admire the stock of this gal?
    Does she belong to a local goat club?
    Do you know another breeder in your area with goats?
    Is anyone on this forum relatively close to you?
    These are the best resources to answer your questions. Because minerals are soo regional specific.

    Here raising the level of zinc in your minerals (or in your water with galvanized water troughs or galvanized water pipes to the barn, both leach zinc) binds the iron in your doe which makes copper in the minerals not be absorbed, which then raises your worm burdens and all sorts of other problems with selenium, feet and legs and hair and hooves. So zinc although essential is not something that needs to be supplemented here. I am sure in other parts of the country it may be a concern.

    Sorry for the non answer :) Vicki
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    She explained to me the signs and symtoms. She has had goats for over 20 yrs and I trust her. She has nice beautiful big Nubianss. Not all her goats have this problem, just this certain ligeage and only in a couple goats. She uses a different kind of Zinpro, that my local feed store cannot get. I am not driving over an hour away just to get this certain kind. I also haven't heard anyone else mention this problem and wanted to know if anyone ever experienced it. I live in an area where there doesn't seem to be a lot of serious goat people. There are the 4-Her's, but other than that, everyone seems to stick to themselves. I haven't gotten to many goat shows, due to my work schedule (which has now changed and I look forward to the show season). I join forums so I can talk goats.