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Yearling doeling with hard udder

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Hey all, I'm turning to some goat experts for help after research turning up nothing.

I've got a yearling Nubian doeling who developed what I assumed to be a precocious udder last month. It was hard so I treated her for mastitis and kind of forgot about it until now. Her udder has increased in size (almost doubled I would say) and is still hard as a rock. I've never been able to express milk from it. Just feels like a bunch of tissue.

She's been with a buck since May, but he was a March kid and only started doing his job (that I saw:LOL:) in August. So it is possible that she is bred, but I don't recall my other does developing a hard udder first.

When I purchased her last year, she was CAE negative, but has been with my does that I have not tested. From what I've seen, could that be a cause?

Top and bottom photos are from this evening. Middle two are from last month when I first noticed it.
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I would suggest u join another forum called the goat spot.. u would definitely find a lot more got experts on there
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You can draw her blood and send it in for a CAE and a pregnancy test. She very well may be developing an udder and is pregnant. You could have the vet come out and give her an ultrasound for a quick pregnancy check.
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