Would you buy an older doe?

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by jimandpj, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. jimandpj

    jimandpj New Member

    I have the possibility of purchasing an older alpine doe.

    She is 6. Still milking 12 pounds a day. Very reputable breeder. Healthy, beautiful goat.

    Owner is only asking $100 because of her age.

    I don't need the bloodlines. Just the milk.

    Another consideration is her colostrum - Vicki is always saying your best colostrum comes from your older does. My does are only 1 and 2 years old.

    So, would you do it?
  2. Sondra

    Sondra New Member

    In a heart beat if I knew the breeder and the history
    6yr in my book isn't all that old.

  3. tioga13

    tioga13 Guest

    I have a six year old doe that I would consider to be in her prime. She had her first set of triplets this year and is a great foundation doe. She should have a few good years of production left in her. (She is dam-raising three kids, plus comes to the milk stand twice a day out of habit to be fed. And I do get milk!)
    Sounds like a deal I wouldn't want to pass up! :)
  4. whimmididdle

    whimmididdle Guest

    I bought a 6 y.o. doe a couple years ago, and then questioned whether it was a wise thing to do. She has now given me 5 healthy kids, and a years supply of milk. ......and will most likely die of old age here someday. I'd do it again in a minute, and I give much more than $100 for her little butt. 6 ain't that old if she's been taken care of during her life.

  5. The best colostrum comes from your oldest does who have been on your farm the longest. They produce antibodies for everything they have been exposed to. The older they are, the more they have been exposed to. :D
    Our oldest doe is ten and has only been on our farm for two years and only freshened once (*grumble*). We have two 9 years old born and raised here...their colostrum is more suited for our kids.
    I would chose colostrum from Elegance (5 year old-3rd freshener) before Kait...assuming I actually fed the prevention kids colostrum from our does...which I don't..lol. They get colostrum from the cow herd and my preference is from the older cows. I have colostrum from first calf heifers frozen, but that is last ditch colostrum. I'm using up colostrum from mature cows first.

    As far as age. Does she look her age? Younger? Older? You can have many more good years if she has been cared for properly, or you might not have many more at all. For $100? She would be considered here and with papers, I'd end up going for her.
    I brought home a herd two years ago. The above doe, who was 8 years old, two 6 year old Alpines, two FF 5 year old Nubians, a Boer doe who was 4+, and a FF 3 year old Alpine doe. That herd had not been bred for years. They were settled to my Nubian buck at their prevous home.
    The ten year old has been a bit of a dissappointment but we have a beautiful, polled daughter out of her. So well worth what we paid for her because of that alone. The other does have more than paid for themselves and are still going strong, except we lost one of the 6 year olds to Bottle Jaw and she gave us triplet bucklings that first year. I love milking the now 8 year old Alpine. She did not take this past Fall, but should be due in late July. Perfect timng for when I need some more milk.
  6. cmharris6002

    cmharris6002 Guest

    I consider 6 and 7 year old does mature, not old.

  7. Ravens Haven

    Ravens Haven New Member

    yep I bought a 6 year old doe she is now 9 and given me 5 kids (3 does and 2 bucks) and she is absolutely awesome and I have never given her age a minutes thought. And I give way more than $100 too.
    But if she is healthy the genetics are right then yep I would buy her.

  8. goatkid

    goatkid New Member

    I bought an 8 year old doe once because I liked her udder and was hoping for a doeling out of her. She gave me 6 doe kids as well as one of my herd sires. I consider that worth it. Kathie
  9. ozark_jewels

    ozark_jewels New Member

    6 years old is only old if they have had a rough life. I have bought many, many 6-8 year old does. :D
  10. I agree with the others. I'd snatch her up...if she was CAE Neg. :)
  11. NubianSoaps.com

    NubianSoaps.com New Member

    I would rather use colostrum from an older doe I purchased than a FF from my own herd. But colostrum value does have an end to it, I think it was the 8 year olds and older the zoo didn't take their colostrum either. Could have been 9. Vicki
  12. Qvrfullmidwife

    Qvrfullmidwife New Member

    I did. She was a finished champion with her milk star. I dont regret buying her, I regret making this sweet, wonderful doe make the change from Maine to Texas. But she did itwith flying colors, giving us beatiful kids and abundant milk every year. She is 9, now. She is one of only 2 does that I have ever said that I would do whatever it took to make sure that they could spend the rest of their lives here on Swede Farm. My expectation is that 6 is not "aged" but more in their prime. Like me. :)
  13. jimandpj

    jimandpj New Member

    Thanks for all the input - you guys are awesome. :D

    She's a great doe, and I really didn't want to pass just b/c of her age.

    Here is the only photo I have of her - not sure how old she was in this photo. She is CAE free and from a clean herd.


  14. Shykid Acres

    Shykid Acres Guest

    Love the pic. If you don't take her I will! LOL Great-looking doe. Go for it!
  15. mill-valley

    mill-valley New Member

    I would buy her in a heartbeat, providing she was RECENTLY tested for CAE. Also if you are ok with why they are selling her. I just bought a 7 yr old that was much rougher looking than her.