Worried about Hypocalcemia/Ketosis

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by cmharris6002, Dec 22, 2007.

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    I have had problems with milk fever in the past and I am starting to worry about it again. My girls are 100 days bred. Yesterday morning my big 200lb doe didn’t eat her pellets. I gave her some Nutra-Drench and B complex. She ate her pm pellets. I never did decrease their alfalfa pellets from 3lbs. I dried them up a month ago. When we went to once a day they got half the amount of grain, then none once they were dry. I just started top dressing the pellets with a small quantity of grain. They also get free choice grass hay and are eating a ton of minerals, I don’t have protein blocks. I’ve read the articles and I sure hope I have this right.

    One problem is that they are not getting enough exercise. We had the ice storm, then a snow storm, then it melted and my goats won’t walk in the mud. We are having a blowing snow advisory today. I’ll do my best to get them out and about after the storm.

    Am I missing anything?

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    Give her some probios Vit C might be in order just because of the weather. And read up on Sue's articles re this in Goat 101

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    That exactly how I do it. Your last mouth of grain is the last day you are on the milkstand. Then at 100 days, I start slowly with just maybe 1/3 pound of grain each, maybe even less than this, moving it slowly each week until they are at 1 pound in the am and pound in the pm (which is about milkstand grain rations)..too much grain, and my girls freshen fat. If anything needs to be increased, for weight, for milk, it's alfalfa pellets, not grain. But then mine are no record holders either so take that part with a grain of salt. Vicki
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    Well, she just missed the one feeding and is acting fine. After going through what I did last year I'm a little paranoid :/

    My biggest problem is getting them out for exercise. With the bad weather all they do is eat, poop and lay around groaning.