Worming Question - bred does

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by goose, Dec 3, 2008.

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    I have some does that are going to kid this month and next month can I give them ivomec plus or should I use something else?
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    You would only use Ivermectin plus if you have liverflukes. The Plus is for liverflukes so unless you have snails, standing water, or purchased goats who come from an area like this, than no you should use Ivermectin Plus bred or not. I do use Ivermectin Plus because we have seen liverfluke on fecal and it's a problem in our area now, and I use it on bred does because with the milk withdrawal it's about the only time I can.

    If you haven't been worming like you should after reading on the forum, either the wrong type of wormer or the wrong dosages, than yes this would be an excellent time to use Cydectin etc...on your does, hitting them again the day they kid (be it 5 days or 3 weeks from the first use).

    Maybe use this winter to read the forum, learn about the anemia chart on goatkeeping 101 (famacha) and maybe learn to fecal so you KNOW what worms you have and what really works at your farm. Vicki