Worming Dosages

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  1. Linda Carney

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    What protocol do most of you use for wormers?

    My vet said she would triple the goat's weight and dose on that basis. I know that it is better to give more than too little and I need to make sure that when I am worming it is making a difference and not causing more of a problem, like allowing parasites to become resistant. I know that I have read that a goats system requires higher dosages of some meds because their bodies metabolize at a faster rate. (I am not sure if metabolize is the correct term -- but the liver processes at a quicker rate?) Help, I need clarification! :help

    I appreciate all feed back, thank you! Linda
  2. Kaye White

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    There are some wormers that you can triple the dose....but there are some that you don't. This isn't a good rule of thumb.
    Tramisol (Levamisole) is one that is given at 1 1/2 the label dose....no higher or you get side effects.(I haven't used this yet, so I have not figured the dose. Vicki has.)
    Ivomec Plus & Plain Ivomec- double the dose. 1cc/50#'s. Label is 1cc/110#'s cattle.
    Cydectin- label dose=5 ml for each 110 lbs on the skin. I use 4cc/100 given orally.
    Valbazen- label dose= 4 ml per 100 lb of body weight cattle. I use 8cc/100# (10/100 if I'm in a hurry. ;) )

    I've also used Ivomec Plus at the 1cc/110# dose but I used it every 10 days for 3 treatments, along with fecals. With the fecals to back me up, this works also.

    The only thing I use at 3-5x's the dose is Safeguard/Panacur and that's for tapes. Corid I also use at higher doses for coccidia.

    These are just my doses and it's actually up to the herd manager to determine what works best for them. Best thing I ever did was invest in a microscope. BUT...I also needed one for AI, so it gets used a LOT during breeding season.