Worming a pregnant doe

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Ashley, Nov 30, 2008.

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    I understand you want to take care of worms before you breed your does, but what about when you purchase a new doe that is pregnant. We always want to worm when we move a goat, because of the stress, what do you usually do when you move a pregnant doe that Ivermectin isn't going to be effective for.
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    Ivermectin still works where I live, but I've heard folks on this forum say they worm bred does with Cydectin. Just wait til she's bred more than 30 days. Kathie

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    I got two bred does a little over a month ago (mid-October)...the previous owners weren't sure on the due date but thought they were due some time this month (November). But tomorrow is December and no kids yet (though they are getting bigger all the time and are starting to develop udders, so I'm pretty sure that they're bred!) The previous owners wormed them just before bringing them to me (with Cydectin) and per advice on this board, I've wormed with Cydectin (a month ago) and Ivomec+ (10 days later, then 10 days after that) because their FAMACHA scores weren't where they ought to be. They seem to be fine, and I guess we'll see how the kids are here soon.
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    I would run a fecal. If you have no idea if they are due in 4 months or 2 months I would not use Ivermectin on them, I would choose Cydectin. If they came from wet weather, snails etc...I would worm them in about 50 days with Ivermectin Plus, keep them seperate so they don't give you entire herd lungworm. We fight intestinal parasites and pnemonia spring and summer and lungworm and pnemonia fall and early winter, when moving goats. Vicki