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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Dusty, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Dusty

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    I was thinking of overseeding my pasture with a rye grass and clover mix or maybee just clover or Vetch. What would be the best for goats? Alfalfa doesn't do good down here in North Louisiana so I am contemplating using another legume so improve my pasture with for the fall and winter. Any suggestions?
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    We did red clover and rye last year.

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    Hard to say really. Today, I have been planting a food plot mix (deer) for my goats. This mix contains winter oats, ryegrass, rye grain, wheat, and some crimson clover. At least for me in east central Alabama, this mix will hold up the best throughout the winter, and will be mostly still green in may/june. With that goats don't eat but very little of this stuff until it gets matured a bit in late winter or early spring.

    Lots of this other stuff is kinda picky about soil PH balance, and how well a drained soil it is. The mix that I used above will stand up better in my conditions around here.

    When in doubt.......ask some of your local deer hunting clubs what they are planting in your area, and are having the most success with. Most often is the case, they have tried it all at some point in time.

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    Good idea Whim. Different areas and soils will determine what you can plant. I have been told that rye has very litte nutrition. I have had a lot of good success with arrow leaf clover and vetch. Also as Whim suggested a good deer mix will work great too. One year, I planted deer peas - a winter legume that did pretty well.

    A talk with your Extension Agent would be in order to find out what they recommend.
  5. In my area (almost in Kansas) winter wheat is what we grow, and the native deer population loves it. We graze cattle on it with no other food source for them all winter unless there is snow. Then we hay them. It has enough protein to put 3 pounds a day on a healthy steer. I don't know of a legume that would survive our winter. That ryegrass is a WEED I tell you. Geese bring it up into our wheat field somehow from other places (they graze it too) and it gets in there and takes over and we can't find a way to kill it out. It's EVIL I tell you. EVIL. (sorry, got carried away with my wheat farmer rant) :crazy

    (seretia is evil too. It's not a native plant. The wildlife dept. spread it out for songbirds and it is taking over the native grass pastures too and it's almost impossible to irradicate. :nooo
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    There's an annual ryegrass that we use for cover crop on the garden. The other stuff like you said, Linda, is impossible
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    Feed stores can order deer plot mixes, they have vetchs, peas, rape, clovers, and rye. I also planted a wild bird seed mix and more rye to my pastures last year in November that were brush hogged low. It worked out excellent. It also made the hay I purchased last alot longer. Vicki