Will she dry up before next year's kidding?

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  1. Not the exact question I would use for a title but to keep it short, I suppose that'll work. lol

    Will Delilah dry up before she starts making an udder for next year's kidding if she is due Feb. 9th (150days)?

    I started drying her up before Christmas. Her last day of milking was Dec. 17th. Prior to that she went down to once a day milking for like 2 weeks or so.
    I thought she was due in March but Im not so sure now since she's getting quite wide, and last year she hid her pregnancy all the way up to actually getting an udder on her. That is how I knew she was pregnant.

    She could be due the 9th, or she could be due March 12th. :/

    Thanks in advance! :)
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    I've had does dry up, wondering "What's up with this!?" only to have them kid a month (maybe) later. I also sold two milkers and a few months later the new owner called to complain that her does were drying up, at the time I had no idea why, but after they kidded (much to our surprise!) I remembered the buck escaping... :blush2
    So, I would have to say yea, they'll probably dry up on their own, BUT, knowing that they're bred and when they're due, allows me to manage their prenatal care better.