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    I wasn't going to post this info because I'm not sure exactly what this guys deal is other than trying to scam you into a lower price, but he is incredibly high maintenance and makes tons of promises he doesn't seem to be able to keep. After mishaels experience with him though I thought I'd better.He will negotiate a price with you and then ask for it to be made cheaper saying he can't sell bars for more than $3. This guy swears he's going to make a million dollars and never leaves a phone number and won't use paypal. I have a long two month saga I could tell you about this guy, but I won't cause it's just to unreal and to long to write

    I won't give out last names but he goes by two names, Don and Dana and is based out of Medina NY.

    If you are approached by this guy my advice would be to run away, but if you do proceed, do so with EXTREME caution.

    If you need more information you can PM or email me, but I will not post it publicly.
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    Thanks for the heads up

  3. Thank you Bethany, its nice to know about deals like that. Tammy