white snakeroot

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    Does anyone have info on white snakeroot and dairy goats?

    i know it is poisonous. i know it kills people & calves who drink milk from cows who eat it because the cows body filters the poison through the mammary system and therefor kills whoever drinks the milk.

    I have found info on sheep, horses and cows...I cant find any info on goats eating it and if the same thing happens with their milk.

    Maybe goats just don't eat it? i need to know because we have it on our property. it is fenced off so the goats cant get to it, so they are safe. However it lives in between the pasture and the woods and i would like to let the goats browse the woods.

    Any info on this plant and goats would be great.

    Deb Garnett
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    I would suggest Round-up :biggrin Never heard of white snake root . I don't know why it wouldn't work the same with goats if it is poisonous in the milk of sheep, horses, and cows. I sure wouldn't trust it with goats unless there was some authoritative studies to back up that it was safe. :nooo I found this link talks some about the Snakeroot and goats http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2092409

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    Hi Deb,

    Well, knowing you wouldn't buy roundup :) and that being a stones throw from you, if you have it, we probably do to, so I looked it up and then went outside and we have it, too. It's not in our goat pen, but it is in the brush and woods where I let them out to forage. Of course, my girls aren't in milk yet, so this might make some difference, but mine have never gone near it. Too many redbud trees which must taste like some pretty good chocolate to them the way they chow down on it! :)
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    You can spray 10% straight vinegar on a sunny day to kill most anything, plant wise