Whipped Shea Butter Secrets

Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by Huminbird, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Huminbird

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    Actually I don't have any yet, I want to know yours. :biggrin

    I have 25 lbs of unrefined and a new kitchenaid mixer. I am rearing to go.

    I am not good at smelling something and knowing if people will like it or not. What scents sell well?

    How much scent do you usually use pp of shea butter?

    What sort of container do you put it into to sell it? Will a candle tin work?

    Do you have any other advice regarding packaging or selling or whipping or anything?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Kalne

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    Without looking at my book I think mine is 60/40, shea/oil. I started out using Sweet Almond Oil but this year switched to HO Sunflower and I like it even better. I also add a bit of glycerin and corn starch. I scent on the light side with Pink Sugar or Warm Vanilla Sugar. It sells pretty good for me at the craft shows I do. I don't sell it elsewhere. I use plain, 3 oz, straight side, white plastic jars. I use refined shea though. I haven't tried the unrefined yet.

  3. Jo@LaudoDeumFarm

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    This is the recipe that I tried a couple of days ago.

    11 oz shea butter.
    4 mango

    3 oz jojoba
    1/8 oz emu oil
    3/4 oz sunflower

    3 vit e capsules

    I like ylang ylang and other essential oils. I tried ylang ylang and a rose scent but I can't pick up the rose at all. Most of the time i don't scent the whole batch only the last jar or two. This recipe came out like soft butter and it's not too oily. Sometimes ylang ylang and orange or lavender, or vanilla. This makes 6 or 7 4 oz jars.

    We've also added cocoa butter in place of the shea and it comes out much stiffer then. I tend not to like synthetic fragrances in the lotions or oils. After a while I get tired of the smell.