Which Nubian breeder?

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  1. Tim Pruitt

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    Generally speaking yes... But remember, there are fine examples of dairy character, mammaries, milk, general appearance and body capacity in all of the different lines. Kastdemur, POTF, FM have all presented animals that exhibit all of these traits. Each have had their moment(s) of glory in the show ring and at the Nationals.

    I was only pointing out the traits that each line is strong in AND these are only my opinion from what I have observed. Opinions are like noses, everybody has one.
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    I would like to add something here... It's important to realize that not every animal under the same herdname will exhibit these traits. I can only speak for my own herd, but I am sure if you asked Karen (or any breeder) they would tell you that there are animals within their own herds that they would never breed together, because they just wouldn't click.

    I bring this up because I cannot tell you the number of times I have heard someone say (and I will insert "Kastdemur's" for arguments sake) "My doe has Kastdemur's in it, so I want to breed it to a Kastdemur's buck" expecting to get fabulous results. Like I said in another post regarding, we are breeding goats, not breeding herdnames. Selecting a breeding based on desirable traits within a herd is one thing... selecting a breeding based solely on the "name" is something totally different.

    JMO... Ken

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    I fully recognize that, I seen it in our LaMancha herd, and I wasn't expecting to get a goat with the bloodlines and see that, I know very well there is a chance that I could get a doe that just doesn't/wouldn't make the cut. But that is a chance I take.

    Everyone's replies answered the questions that I had. And gave me a general idea of what to look for and what I might expect to get from them.

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    Gosh Vicki,
    I have to say I am honored that you are considering our herd. I would head as fast as my feet could carry me to Kastdemur's to pick out a doe kid or several to add to our herd. We got a buck from Karen 2 years ago and he is doing nice things for us. We have 3 does fresh from him and like what he appears to be doing... My Kastdemur's doe was the dam of our Miriam and she crossed spectacularly with our herd. Then I'd make a trail to Lakeshore and also try to beat Vicki out of some of that Crown Ambassador semen. :) Of course Sara's tremendously productive herd would be on the wish list as well.
    Ok now you all have got me day dreaming! :)
    Sandy ( in beautiful snowy Deer Park)