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Which Cream Separator?

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I think most people would recommend the Slavic Beauty. But are there others worth a look?
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far, it looks like Slavic Beauty and Milky Day are the front runner$. One of the questions not answer is whether the output of either of these systems is legal for commercial sales.

The materials used run the spectrum of materials, such as food grade poly carbonates to 304 stainless steel. They also warn that in the process of making cream a 100 liter/hour system is more like 75 liters/hour because you will probably spend 15 minutes every hour cleaning the parts. They also indicate pre filtering your milk improves the number of liters produced before necessary cleaning.

Most of the info provided seems to involve cattle and not other ruminants. After all goats are naturally homogenized, and does this alter the performance of these separators?

The other question is that in states where the requirements to sell dairy milk, cattle or goats, can be onerous, especially for newbies like me, new to goats and dairy, where do you get that info?

I don't want to start spending $400 on a separator and still have to be cautious about selling my products. I am not trying to sell in big box grocery stores as I won't exceed 6 milking does this year or are likely to exceed 12 by next year's end. But doing it right even with 6 does potentially will be a reasonable amount of milk, especially if another farmer makes good on having me start managing goats and sheep for both of us.

I have got a Lamacha-Nubian mix that looks identical to Saanen. She is bagging up big time for a first time, and if she turns out to be a good milker with good offspring, experimental or not I might expand the herd with her breed.
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