When to milk out completely?

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  1. When can I milk Delilah out completely? 2yr FF kidded this evening around 5. I milked her part way out approx 1hr after kidding. Can I milk her out completely in the morning?

    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. J-Basqo

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    Is there a reason not to?? I guess I want to know cause I strip out all colostrum then milk out all the way at next milking too but I have only freshened to goats..

  3. I was told to milk out part of it the first time. So I dont know.
  4. Patty13637

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    I milk them out 100% each milking. The only reason not to would be milk fever .

  5. Sondra

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    I milk them completely also unless one would be sick
  6. stacy adams

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    I milk out 1/2 way the first milking and all the way after that, so yea, this morning, I would milk her all the way out.
    That's why, just in case.. :/
  7. Ok thanks for the replies!!!

    Got a question though, I tried to mik her all the way out this AM. But when she ran out of milk, her udder still looked big and felt firm. I don't think she's letting all the milk down. Any tricks to get her to? I massaged her udder.

    Also she's not eating her grain but she's chowing down on the alfalfa hay like there's no tomorrow. Lol. And she's eating alfalfa pellets. She nibbles her grain. She is a FF so is she just getting use to the schedule and thats why she's not wanting the grain yet on the milk stand??

    BTW- She did pass the afterbirth. I seen it hanging out so I put the three does outside in the pasture and stood there because it was coming out quickly. Once it was out, I let them go back in.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Some goats have edema when they first freshen and the milk can't all come out. Just keep massaging the udder. I like to massage with peppermint oil. It's not unusual for a FF to not eat much grain in the milk stand at first. It's all new to her and she's probably a bit scared. I know mine are. If I want to be sure my new moms get grain, I feed some in a bowl. Kathie
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    We do it pretty much the opposite down here...I hand raise all kids...so I milk out enough colostrum for each feed during the day from the doe...I do this for at least the first few days...so not until day 3 do I milk the doe completely out. I try and copy what the kids would do if left on her...first born they dont drink a lot each feed, so thats what I milk out. This is the way we all do it...in our area of Central Highlands Victoria. A lot different to you guys. :)
  10. NubianSoaps.com

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    The problem with that logic, which I know from someone else I have argued this point with before :) is that we breed our goats to have CONSIDERABLE more colostrum and milk than kids need. When left with mom they also eat about 25 times a day, so unless you are milking her many many times a day and feeding the kids that many times, you are simply ruining her future production.

    Even when good milkers are left to nurse kids you still empty the udder out two time a day until the kids are old enough (weeks old) to nurse out all the milk. Leaving colostrum in the udder depresses the milk production and can actually clog up in the udder and keep that section from milking.

    If you milked out all of the colostrum after your doe kids...I milk mine out about half way in the barn right after kidding, and then put them up on the milkstand for the next natural milking time in which they are milked out unless they have had problems in the passed with milk fever or they have been treated for hypocalcemia during that pregnancy.....then twice daily from that point forward while feeding the kids the colostrum then milk, your does would simply milk more. I would think that should be a goal on a diary goat farm? Vicki