When is a good time to let the buck run with the does?

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Corky, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. Corky

    Corky New Member

    Vicki said that after all her does are bred she has let the buck run with them for the winter.
    I also want to do this.
    The last doe was bred today. She was still a little small but she was in such raging heat that she would not even eat.
    All she did was climb the buck fence and kiss him through the wire so I finally said to heck with it and let her in.
    She is close to 80 lbs but not quite.
    She went in with him yesterday but it didn't look like they ever really got anything done and when I let her out of the barn this morning she ran for his pen again and begged and begged to get in.
    I put her back in and this time they definitely got down to business several times.
    I finally persuaded her to come back out about an hour later as I don't want him to hurt her.
    How long before I can let him out and he won't be riding her all day?
  2. NubianSoaps.com

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    I just sold two of my bucks, so it would leave GE alone in the big boys buck pen, no reason for him to be alone, so he will live with the 13 adult does. He will go out to the buck pen end of Feburary with the girls due to start kidding in March, and will be introduced to the two junior bucks I am using right now.

    Now if I was introducing the boys to girls bred by someone else I would wait at least 21 days, so there is no way a breeding either the day they left the buck pens or came in with the new buck, close enough not to be obvious.

    None of my bucks are mean or harass the does, which of course is important, and honestly GE keeps my meany Babbette in line, so he is staying in there. Vicki

  3. Odeon

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    I turn a "clean up" buck in with the herd, 14 days after my last doe is bred. I hate late kids, so this way I know everyone will be bred and will have my kidding over by early May.

    If you have several bucks, you need to allow enough time so there is no "doubt" as to who sired the kids (unless you plan on DNA typing).

  4. Corky

    Corky New Member

    Well, I only have the one buck and he has bred everything.
    I don't want him to be alone either so I am wanting to turn him loose with the rest of the herd but...
    The doeling does not want to settle or else she is a very naughty girl.
    She begged to go in with the buck on the 6th but I had decided to wait till her next heat.
    On the seventh and eighth she would not come in to eat but just spent all her time on the buck fence rubbing noses with him.
    We have a rodeo every morning trying to get her in the barn to eat. Then she just stands on the milk stand playing with her food and moaning for him.
    I got fed up with it and put her little butt in with him after morning chores were over on the 8th. He kept trying to mount the wrong end and by the time he got it right I thought he might be shooting blanks by then.
    Sure enough, the next morning she was begging to go in with him again so I let her.
    He for sure bred her right several times this time.
    This morning we could not get her to come into the barn again and she was back at the gate begging to go in again.
    I put her back in with him and he bred her several times again.
    I finally got her to come back out and then she stood back on the gate begging to go back in.


    My other does ask nicely to be put in with him and after that day they were not interested any more. Not this little hussy!

    I do not want to turn him loose when she has him all riled up. He will fight with the donkey and alpacas if I do.
  5. Whitney

    Whitney Member

    Thank you for asking Corky. I was just about to ask this question myself! :)

    I have 1 buck and 2 does. I believe both does are bred now and I wondered if it was okay to leave the buck with them for the winter. He really hates to be alone in his own pen. Good to know I can leave him with the girls for a few more months.
  6. goatkid

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    After I get all the does bred, I sometimes let one of my bucks run with them, just to be sure everyone is settled. I put him back in the buck pen about two weeks before the first kids are due.
  7. Oregonian Chick

    Oregonian Chick New Member

    Corky it sounds like she is cystic. I am not to familiar with does going cystic but have heard of it and it sounds like thats what your girl is. In heat for a long time without settling despite being exposed to a buck several times.

    But I will let Vicki or someone else way in as I am not exactly sure how you go about treating a cystic doe (well I kind of remember but for the life of me can't think of the stuff you give to the doe)

  8. Cotton Eyed Does

    Cotton Eyed Does New Member

    I tried to turn my little buck out with the 3 does I have, that are bred, and he just chases them all over the pasture. I'm afraid he will cause them to abort. I kept thinking he would settle down, but he chases them til their tongue is hanging out... the nin com pupe. SO.. he goes back in his pen all by himself where he hollers and hollers and hollers because he is all alone.