When buying a dairy goat things to look for?

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    I understand that when buying a dairy goat you look at the mothers udder. If the mother has a detached udder is that any indication that this goat will potentially have this condition and will not be a good dairy goat in the future? Would that be a goat to not purchase? Thanks in advance for all advice. Future new goat owner shopping around.
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    Hi, I have been breeding Grand Champion and top ten dairy goats since 2004. I have also studied genetics a little and then put it into practice in my own herd. In my experience, traits pass from Father to daughter and mother to son. If I am in the market for a dairy doe. I will look at the dam, but I will also see what traits are in the sire. If possible I will look at another generation back. Then I can see what are dominant traits and what are recessive.
    If the sire has full testicles, evenly spaced teats that are in the correct possition, and a nice ligament holding them up tight towards the body, I would be more interested in buying a daughter from him then from looking at the dam.
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