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    Currently my does are bred (I hope) and I have 2 bucks. Right now they are getting free access to a brome/weed mix hay and a 2 quart scooper full of alfalfa pellets twice a day. ( My goats are all in one pen right now.) While milking, I was giving the does a "dairy"grain-- I forget if it was 12 or 16% protein. I was trying for awhile to make my own feed with a mix of beet pulp, oats, boss, and some type of redish pellets (calf Manna I think). Then got too busy to continually make this up and switched to this dairy grain--it is a type of sweet feed. This dairy feed they got on the milking stand twice a day. They seem healthy---but I am not sure if they are getting all they need--especially with kidding coming up. Any advice?

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    Sue Reith has a great article in Goat 101 on hypocalcemia with info on feeding
    here everyone gets grass hay and alfalfa pellets when dry. 100 days out from freshening start adding grain back to the does gradually increasing

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    Your fine, but get the bucks into their own pen, no way do they need grain like that. Or if you have no choice at least add ammonium chloride to the grain each day. 1 teaspoon per head per day, just shake it into the grain, toss the grain around to make sure it gets coated well, it is a mineralized salt, must be bitter because they won't lick it on it's own. This will keep your bucks from getting urinary calculi, which plagues bucks during the winter because they get so little water. Make sure they have an unfrozen water source, better is to offer hot water daily if you have the time.

    pipevet.com and hoeggers carries ammonium chloride. Vicki