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  1. I got some 1 OZ size bottles to give out samples of lotion. A friend of mine said she thought that was too much. What size samples do yall give out? Also do you all give full size or samples to store owners and thier employees who you hope will sell your stuff? Thanks!

    Mary Lou
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    I don't anymore but I used to hire this gal who made me foils. Just like the little bits you get at high end stores, she impulse sealed a little squirt of the lotion into the foil. I then stapled them to a business card. I got mine in bulk on the dish on a coop long ago.

    I agree, how much is that costing you? Vicki

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    I buy the little tiny condiment cups from Gordons food stores for samples of lotions.. they hold 1/4 oz, put them in a very small zip lock baggy with a label...
    For stores that are interested in carrying my products, I give the store owner a gift bag with regular size lotion and soap in it.. How can they sell your products if they don't know how good they are is the way i look at it.. I do not sell on commission, only wholesale period.. started out selling commission and found out what a mistake that was...
    I have a couple of large wholesale accounts now.. Love them, that is where to make the money with the least fuss.