What size cheese mold?

Discussion in 'Cheese & Dairy' started by baileybunch, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. baileybunch

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    I'm putting together my first order so I can begin making hard cheeses! I am hoping hubby will make me a cheese press (he's so handy, he made me a Whizbang Chicken Plucker this year!). So, I plan to buy the plastic Cheese mold with follower to use. But I am not sure how much cheese is made with the standard recipes (2 gallons milk). It looks to me like the small mold will be suitable (up to two pounds of cheese) but I wanted to be sure. The large mold holds 5-10 pounds.

    Also, I have the plans for a cheese mold from Fiasco and from Mother Earth News. Are there any other plans out there that you all like better? Or any advice on cheese molds?

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    Susie, the large mold is for 2-3 gallon recipes :D


  3. Rose

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    I use a piece of four inch PVC and a plexiglass follower. After I've been doing this a while, I'll probably move up to fancier food grade stuff, but for now, this works for me.