What oils are good for eczema & psoriasis??

Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by Heavenly Angels, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. I guys, I would like to make a soap and lotion or cream that would be good for these conditions. I know Neem oil is good but what a smell! does any one have any other ideas?

    Mary lou
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    Mary Lou,
    You are wasting your money when you put expensive oils into soap, it is no longer oil and has lost much of its properties to aid in healing or soothing.. A good handmade soap will do this just by being gentle and cleansing at the same time, no matter what oils are in it..
    But on the other hand, lotions and creams it does matter and there are many out there that are so good for skin conditions.. Apricot Kernel, Avacodo oil, Neem oil, shea butter and many many more..

  3. Carolyn

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    My dil's mother had eczema on her hands--they were just awful--cracked, scaly--she started using our unscented "Walmart" recipe goats milk soap and within a week, her hands cleared up. If she runs out and once she went on a trip without the soap, her hands were back to the way they were. If she goes anywhere, she carries the soap with her.---We also had a woman stop by our booth last Sat and bought 20 bars for her son, it is the only soap that they found that works for him. Carolyn
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    Agreeing with what others have said. Handmade, unscented soaps seem to help a lot of people. I have also heard some rave over pine tar soap.
  5. So is it the goat milk in the soap that helps? I really want to make a cream too. But Neem is a little stinky so I woundered what else would be effective. I have a lady who wants "eczema cream"
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    Having both in my family (and having dealt with it myself), I can say from personal expeirence that it is the goat milk! When I do with out goat milk soap for more then a few days, my hands start showing it. For myself and my family it's the goat milk.
  7. OK THANKS every one!

    Mary Lou