What herbs do you grow in your garden and use for soap etc.?

Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by Sondra, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Narrow Chance

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    Thanks for the link Michelle.. Horizon Herbs has chocolate mint.. and it's on sale!! :woohoo
  2. Aja-Sammati

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    Enjoy that mint, Rett! And let me know how it works in soap ;)

  3. You could try ordering it through companies, we get it here but I have SOOOOOOO much mint from the other three. The one I really want is the mentha, good stuff, and would decrease the amount of herb put into soaps and teas. Very strong. My sympathies on the husband, I got a manster in the garden too. One year I planted 12, mind you 12, rose bushes around the property. Covered them with milk jugs, staked them, and went inside. I hear the mower :mad the manster has removed all jugs and there are no more roses. His response "Well I didn't know" :down I have a blueprint in the garden shed now. HEHEHEHEHE