What do you do with their poop?!

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    I am considering getting two Nigerian dwarf does that would be outside most of the time. I would clean out their poops in their shelter, but what do you poop outside? How do you clean it up? This might be a dumb question but I don’t want the field to smell either.
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    Hey goatiegirl, how big is your outside field ? if it is as large as an acre then you will never smell it and it will break down in the weather and dissolve. It will also make fertilizer for the grass. The poop you pick up in the shelter can be used as fertilizer also if you grow flowers and or veggies. We have a large vegetable garden each year and I use the hay and poop that I clean out of the shelter/barn as fertilizer in the garden. It works great. Just lots of work hauling it from one place :):Dto the other.
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    Goat manure is not "hot" and can be placed directly on the garden.
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    Good questions and good to get different ideas. We too use it for our garden and yard
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