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Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by nappint, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. nappint

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    I made some unscented, uncolored (don't ask) Walmart recipe soap 2 nights ago and I put it in my wood log mold with a liner. When I pulled it out yesterday and cut it the face of the soap has this almost perfect oval of darker soap in it. Does anyone know what caused this? I can take a picture if needed...

  2. kidsngarden

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    you got a partial gel. To avoid this you can be sure to force the gel by covering and wrapping the log or Oping it. I have so rarely gotten a partial gel with GM soaps, they generally heat up very nicely, but I also make 8 logs at a time and they are all right next to eachother.

  3. NubianSoaps.com

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    I only partially gel, or at least try to, two of my soaps. Since they have chunks of other soaps in them the two colors, one stark white in one the other gelled cream, adds to the prettiness of the bars :) Some will continue to oxidies after they are cut and are cured.

    Only other soapers will know this about that soap, your customers will think you did the oval on purpose, it certainly doesn't affect the quality of the soap, just the appearance. I think alot of failures like this are actually beautiful. Vicki
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    I have given up trying to control gel/no gel. Unless I OP, which I prefer not to do, I haven't been able to ensure a complete gel. I can wrap with blankets and still get partial. I can leave something uncovered and put a fan on it and still get partial get. So I give, and let the soap do what it wants. :LOL