What are your favorite fall soaps?

Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by [email protected], Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Jo@LaudoDeumFarm

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    A pumpkin spice sounds good to me and so does something with nutmeg in it. Has anyone ever made an eggnog soap?

    I have only recently been branching out on scents so I don't know who makes good ones, or do you buy eo's and mix them your self?
  2. kidsngarden

    kidsngarden New Member

    I think fall/winter as one group and then spring/summer.

    There are two I am bringing back from last year - Cranberry Fig and Vanilla mint. Vanilla mint I am giving a makeover to though. I mix my own vanilla mint, but CF is from BB. I also like orange spice from BB and will give that a go again with a new look and a try BB instead of my own blend like I did last year.

    I carry BB cedar saffron all year round but it is a great fall winter scent.

    Pumpkin pie did terrible for me last year.

    I'm testing out some new stuff for me too like pepperberry and ancient sedona next week.

  3. Bilrite Farms

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    Ya know, for some reason I don't like pumpkin soaps, although they do smell good and often are very pretty.
    For fall/winter, I start thinking richer, heavier scents than spring and summer. I'm in a fruity mindset right now.
    For fall, I'll probably start thinking cranberry fig, wines, apple and earthier scents. Winter is a different than fall for me, but of course, we actually get winter up here vs you folks down south that just get a bit nippy.

  4. I make cinnamony, spicey type soaps but they aren't my favorite.
    However I do really like the Cranberry I carry, rich real berry scent.
  5. cmharris6002

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    I like Chai Spice Tea Mmmmm :)