What age can you give Lysigin

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    I was vaccinating the kids today and checked teats while I was at it. I noticed something I haven't seen before, on the doeling out of my best doe. One of her teats is slightly swollen and the area surrounding the teat is swollen and has some small crusty lesions. This kid is being bottle fed pasteurized milk. I have never seen any signs of staph in her dam, but assume this must be what I'm seeing in this kid. I don't want this doeling to have problems with her udder. She was born April 9. Is she old enough to vaccinate with Lysigin? How would folks on this forum treat this doeling? Kathie
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    I've seen doelings as young as 3 months have a swelling of the teats...albeit small. They usually go down as they age.
    Lysigin is given here at about 8-9 months or pre-breeding. 1 shot and another in 3 weeks. Then they are vaccinated again along with pre-kidding vaccinations. If you're pasturizing the milk then it's not coming from the dam. It's dam raised kids that are more prone to getting staph from their dams or pooled milked not pasturized.