Wethers for 4-H?

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Liberty Alpines, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Liberty Alpines

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    Someone mentioned in their goat goals for 2008 that they would like to find a 4-H market for their wethers. How do you do this? Great idea for those cute little boys who are friendlier than does sometimes. Always hate to see those go to the freezer. :sigh
  2. I mentioned that and it was more in reference to the Boer cross wethers.
    I sold two dairy wethers two years ago as market wethers. They did fine in their class (only 8 total). One took second but brought more per pound than the first place wether in the auction.
    The dairy wethers are grouped with the Boer crosses at our County fair, the dairy wethers I sold went to another county.
    Market projects are pretty big in this area.

  3. SherrieC

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    Do you go to church with anyone with loads of foster children in 4-h? do you have a local farm paper? advertise 4-h bottle whethers available in "whenever" tack up a paper at the feed store. Call your local 4-h headquarters and surronding counties with what you have available. Make sure they are tagged or tattoe'd, banded a set of shots so they are ready to go. we never have any trouble getting rid of ours. well the nubians. every year it's well I'm sorry all the nubians are sold/spoken for you'll have to take this saanen or nothing.
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    Find out who your local 4H leaders are and let them know what you have available. Some of the kids also have doeling projects and I've sold excess doelings to the kids as well.
  5. During fair you can advertise your wethers that have started training for pack and cart enthusiasts. Some of these people come to fairs just for that reason. Otherwise place an ad in the livestock section. Other than that there is the meat market.