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Well, just got her bred *again*

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Remember my toggenburg who I suspected of having a heat? Well, she went into a for-sure-heat this morning. When I went to lift her tail to do the daily check, she didn't try to jump away like she normally does, but wagged her tail.

So we took her to see the buck again. Boy, was she in love, just rubbing all over him and everything, nibbling his ear. :lol He got her 3 times. This time she arched up more and longer than she did the last time when she got bred it seems, I'm hoping that means good things. We also caught her at the first of her heat, she just started today, last time it was more towards the end, so hopefully things work out this time. She's just to ornery to have taken the first time anyway.

So that's means $50 and almost 4 hours total (about $30 in diesel) of driving for one rotton little doe. I'm so gonna have my own bucks next year. After a few days the nubian is going in with the does, so I guess if she didn't take we'll have nuggenburgs, overpriced ones.

Now watch her have a single buck. :lol

I actually think she may have aborted. Because I think the first discharge was normal pregnancy stuff, (that was I think 18 days after breeding, one dab of thick white stuff), then like 2 weeks later, she had more of a mucus type discharge, but there was no way to take her to a buck then, I'm thinking that may have been an abortion. And now 3 weeks later she's in heat.
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