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I would not buy the doe. Her udder is very poorly attached on the sides, the second doe you have pictured is a much better side attached doe although her teats could be more centered.

When you are looking for a perfect udder, you want the sides to be attached far down so the udder looks like a U , the utter to be attached in the back so it is held up and doesn't sag, the teats to be large and centered, and good medial (an utter with a heart shape).
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This may be hard to find or you might only find a few of these but through breeding, you can better the breed. I recommend starting with registered goats as they will be worth more when selling. Also, make sure you are buying goats that are tested clear of diseases such as CL, jones, brucellosis, and Q fever, CAE. At least CL, CAE, and Johnes. This will prevent the spread of deadly diseases and keep your herd healthy. This may cost more but is well worth it!!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts