Weight gain in first few days?

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  1. I weighed a couple of big boys early this morning (1AM). 14 plus pounds for the larger of the two and 11 pounds for the other. They were born Sunday.
    Dad was wondering if goats lose some weight initally like human infants? Or if there is a basic amount of weight gain for kids in the first few days and weeks.
    It seems they shoot up pretty quickly.
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    Not ignorning you just honestly have no idea, I rarely weigh anything....quints, just to see how much she was carrying, or two pound doeling I knew she was small! vicki

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    Dunno. I used to weigh all my kids......then I got to busy....then I found out I just didn't care. :lol When I did weigh them I found my guesses were surprisingly accurate so now I just ballpark guess. I do weigh really huge kids out of curiosity.
    Not much help, am I? :blush I don't think there is much of an initial loss if any though.....kids are certainly heavier on day two than on day one in my experience.
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    I weigh mine regularly well not last year too busy, but usually every week on the same day of for Years, and I've found they quickly shoot up in wieght at first, and after you never want them below 10 lbs a month. we usually stop weighing weekly after they are 40lbs because we weigh them in our arms on the scale. sometimes they do loose weight the first day.
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    Same here. I only weigh kids that are unuaslly big or small now. Or maybe I'll weigh them if I am not busy. When i used to weigh them in the past, i never saw any weight loss. With human babies, the initial weight loss is in ounces not pounds. Newly hatched chicks are born with the yolk encapsulated in them. That is why day old chicks can be shipped. they don't need water or feed. So i would imagine they lose weight until they eat or drink as they are living off that yolk.
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    Humans will lose up to 10% of their birth weight in the first few days.

    But as long as they gain it back in a reasonable time it is no biggie.

    I dont worry about goats...I do weigh them but often just so that I can track them on a monthly basis, not weekly or daily, LOL!
  7. Thanks! I figured it was a long shot. As you can tell, I'm not really even on the ball enough to weigh them the day they are born.
    These two were good sized lads though. The second one (14.4 at two days old) was as big as a number of our one to two week old kids when he was born. And his color is to die for......
    For the Boer registries they want the birth weight and so I have been trying to train myself to do that (that and I want to see about what our does are throwing).
    I just need a better system. I do the stand on the scale thing...Maybe that is part of why I lose weight in the winter during kidding time...I spend so much time looking at how much I weigh I subconsciously say no to too many bad foods....lol
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    no clue if they loose and our weights and gains seem to vary alot...

    we weighed at birth on each.. then just weighed all on Thur... The youngest were 1 wk 3 dy old and had each gained 5 lbs exactly... My 2 MM that were 2wks old had each gained 7lbs!

    OK cause I love this sort of thing... most of my babies are avg .5/lb per day the slowest is .4 and the highest is .7