weighed the fall kids today

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  1. this is my 3rd year breeding for at least a few does to kid in Oct (all nubians) This has been a rough winter for us here. (granted it's nowhere near as cold as lots of folks, but it's been icy/wet/snowy/weeks & weeks without sun. this coming off a horrid drought- hay not as good or plentiful as usual) I knew the 4 kids I kept looked pretty good. They were all born the last week of Oct. So I decided with it being their 4 month birthdays, I'd worm them all. The smallest doe taped out at 58lbs.. one was 65lbs, a 70lb one and the largest at 74. (none of these does were very large at birth..all the kids were smaller last fall.. not only did we have a drought that effected our browse but a horrid late killing freeze. I really think I'm going to slowly try and move all my kiddings to Oct (or at least as many as I can convince to come into heat) I kept one doe from the '06 fall. She kidded in Oct (2 days before her 1st birthday. twin does. She is just pouring the milk. She is as tall and almost as heavy as the '06 spring does). Not a biggie.. but I just wanted to share on the off chance someone else was thinking about a fall kidding season (I know Tim bred several of his does for fall)
    susie mo ozarks
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    So should I deworm Neal now then? I was going to ask you when I should worm him next... also... and this is just such a minor thing, but I can not find the tattoos in his ears? Of course, I'm not too sure where to look, LOL!

    Neal is getting SOOO big! Big thick neck too. ^_^


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    with my doe I have to have a totally dark room and use a flashlight to shine *through* her ear.

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    It sounds to me like they are growing really well. It would be nice to have milk year around but with the winters so cold here I think the kids would grow quite a bit slower.
  5. Our winters really just don't get that cold. It's Jan or Feb before it usually feels like winter. By then the Oct kids are way past my worrying about them getting too cold. I'm too enjoy year round milk... but last year I dried everyone up in aug...just so I didn't have to milk in the heat/flies.. I'm such a summer whoosie... I'll take milking in a cold barn (well a cold MO. barn LOL) anyday over a hot, sticky, sweaty summer milking...
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    Rub it in! :rofl I think the snow in Central NY won't melt this year until August. I can't wait until spring. :D

    As far as Fall breedings. I wonder...In order to get an Oct kidding, does have to come into heat in May. Do they usually do that natually or is there a way to induce a heat? I'm new to this. I find it interesting. If you can induce a heat...what do you use?