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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Daniel Babcock, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. Daniel Babcock

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    I have two doelings that are over 7 months old who I have been trying to wean. I had them separated for over a month and a half, and just introduced them back with the main herd with their dam again, and they went right back to suckling.

    Aside from completely separating them again, is there anything I can do? I have separate stalls and pastures, however I have everything torn up as I am redoing all of my fencing and barn.

    Your help is appreciated

    Thanks in advance.
  2. blackthorn

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    I've had this problem with calves before- even after I sent her (the calf) to be bred and had her separate for months she still went straight back to sucking mum, even after her own calf was born, I could never stop her but as she only sucked her mum I sold her to another family. Maybe you could try those plastic weaning devices or put a udder cover on mum? Tape teats? If you could get the doe completely dry before reintroducing she might be more aggressive towards them not wanting them to nurse? As I said I've never had much luck with it........I bottle raise now LOL

  3. Anita Martin

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    Are you planning to sell the doelings? If not, when you rebreed the doe she should naturally wean those two on her own. Personally, I wouldn't be upset with a nursing seven month old. I'm sure they are more growthy with late weaning and plan to wean later myself next year. (we weaned from bottles at five and six months this year...but then had no easy way to give cocci meds or wormer...)
  4. MysticHollowGoats

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    One of mine would not wean her doeling until she was bred again, her doeling is now my biggest doe. She gets fat on air, real easy keeper.
  5. Sondra

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    Or if you don't want to do this then either superglue the teat or tape it up
    Also tho I have never tried it yet on goats I would think bitter apple could be sprayed on the teat with no ill effects and the doelings after a couple tries won't go back.
  6. ozark_jewels

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    I tried it years ago......didn't work on mine. The doelings didn't care what the teat tasted like, the milk was worth it. ;)
  7. Feral Nature

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    All my Feb/Mar.2008 doelings are still nursing. The doelings and the does are cycling like crazy and are being hand bred. Most of the does/doelings are on their third heats.