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    i posted this last night but seems gremlins ran off with it, so i'm posting again. if the other one shows up, please forgive me and delete one of them!

    my 11yr old took the FF ober into show yesterday and won grand champion! judge said lots of lovely comments on her, and then as cassidy was taking katie out of the ring the judge quietly told her she'd like to have a goat like that. sure made my kid feel great. me too, we are so new i wasnt' sure if i was doing anything right, from choosing the goats, to trimming and clipping. i have plenty more to learn, but we are on the right path! (with plenty of thanks to you here) the other daughter also got a purple from the big saanan, but was told she was a bit 'over fleshed' haha, yup, she's huge! when the judge asked her any comments about her doe, cheyenne said she'd like to trim her up some, but she drops in milk so we left her fat, and the judge really liked the answer. both our doelings earned purples as well. a good day! and again, thanks for the tips, we'd not have done as well without the help and advise from here. i was so nervous our goats would be not as good as the others, but i am thrilled at how wrong i was!!

    and after doing this show, i wondered how do you ppl do that???? one small local show was about all i could do in a year! the worst was all the mauling my poor dears had to put up with--from ppl passing by! not even just kids, but the ear pulling, face slapping, teasing and feeding of things was about all i could stand, :mad and i know we lost any monies we would've won because they were suppose to stay til today, or at least be brought back this morning, but i took them home last night and not today at all. (there was no show today, so i seen no need to sujbect them again to that!) how on earth do you keep your gals safe in public???? my daughters were already talking on what they'd do diff. next year, but now i need to figure out how to even do this at all, without causing this issue again. i had to sit there for hours, just guarding over them, and one kid was even going to use a pitchfork on our little ober!!!??? how do you do it??? is this normal????
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    but as for your crowd of people I would say that is not the norm but maybe at county fairs. I know not at any goat shows I have been around would anyone darn take a pitch fork to someones goat. Tho I will say we don't leave our goats alone over night and not for any length of time during the day.

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    Congrats!! That's awesome for your first show!!

    How are the goats penned? At our fair, they are in cattle panels, 4x6 or so and they can go "hide" if they want or at least get out of reach of the people. I have NEVER in 10 years of showing seen someone try to take a pitchfork to an animal...but then we never left them laying aroung either. Most of my goats would hang out at the front of the pens waiting for more attention.
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    Congratulations! We always try to keep feed, hay, tools out of reach of the general public so they cannot try to give or use them on our goats. I would have come unglued at the pitchfork incident and let the parent know that is not something animals should be subjected to. I would also discuss the penning situation with the superintendant and see if they could help out. See if you can bring your own panels to make the pens higher, Sara will bring poles and netting to the MN State Fair to keep the public from messing with hers. MN is another one of those fairs where the public thinks they have a liscense to do anything, I have seen things there you would not believe. Goats are popular with the public and unfortunately it can get them into unsafe situations.
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    Congrats! How very thrilling, validating and gratifying! :D
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    Congratz!!!! I look forward to the day of my first show. :biggrin
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    Congratulations, great job!!!!!!

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    Vicki in NC
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    thank you all so much. i must say i was surprised at our placing so high.

    i had also thought of ways i could possibly let our gals be seen but not touched. we have a year now to work on a plan, the netting idea sounds good. i had thought of making a small portable pen with chicken wire or something. as for the forking of the goat, i do believe the kid is a bit 'off', and for his parents, that is one of those sad situations where his parents really dont' care what happens to the boy, and altho i was furious, when i calmed down i was dreadfully sad for the boy, he's so lost and is dying to 'belong'. poor kid.

    again, many many thanks for the advice, i'm sure we wouldn't have done so well or been so prepared!!
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    We saw drunks try to pick up kids from pens and had to stop people from feeding all kinds of wickedbad stuff to goats at the Houston Livestock show.
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    Congrats! At one show I saw a person put their kids in a livestock tub in the center of the pen, you could see them, but not touch.

    The kids(human) aren't as bad at our shows, and most of the shows here are in hard to find areas or some way off corner of the fairgrounds, so not much people messing with the goats.