We got our Great Pyrenees puppies today and....

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    even though I have read extensively about them and their training, I would like any other tidbits all of you experienced pyr. owners may have.

    They are nine weeks old and are a brother and sister pair. We named them Sadie and Samson. Our goats are not used to dogs and so they are terrified. One of our does was just waiting till they were in a corner to try to go after them. We put them in a pen with two younger goats for the night while we are not out there to supervise. They are making friends just fine with them.

    Tomarrow I plan on putting them in a large kennel in the middle of the goat pen so that the goats can get used to them without the opportunity to injure them.

    We have tons of coyotes, timber wolves, and even a couple cougars in the area, so these dogs are a real must for us in order to keep our goats safe. We have to make sure this works. :help2 I'm open to all of your insights.

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    Congrads on the puppies! Well, hopefully someone has had 2 pups at the same time. I got one and then the second when the first was older. I will tell you that the goats have to beat up the pups while they are small. It teaches the pups their place in the herd. If you do not allow this, then when the pups are older they will play with the goats. And puppy teeth and later a full grown dog will injury the very animals they are suppose to protect. So, you want to keep them separate until the goats are use to the dogs, then you want the pups to have a place to go to get away from the goats if they get to rough. DO NOT put the pups with smaller or young goats. The pups will see them as litter mates and try to play with them.

    Oh, and goats like dog food. So be sure the pups have a place to eat that the goats can not get. This is the only time that mine are aggressive to the goats. Well, it is only the female. She will run the goats, and any other animal off from her food. The male, well, he will let them eat out of his bowl. But since goats don't need dog food, I feed them all at the same time, and put the male's bowl close enough to the female so that she will guard both.

    Also, during kidding be sure that you are there to supervise the dogs. I had a male that was so protective of babies that he would run the mother off as soon as she kidded. Now he would clean up the babies but then was aggressive to the mother and all other animals that came too close to the babies. My female is great, she cleans them up but is not aggressive. We will see what the male I have now does.

    The only other advise I have is to train them basic commands like you would any dog. Teach them to come, walk on a lead, allow you to check ears, trim nails, all that stuff. Otherwise you will end up with a large dog that you can't handle. And if possible, teach them to load into a car. Mine is easy to handle but will not get into a car. I can put her in there, but it is ALOT of lifting and would be soo much better if she would just jump in. Remember, all training should be done in the goat pen.

    Hope this helps. Have fun with your puppies!