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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by steffb, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. steffb

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    I have just started kidding for the season and I already see a big difference. Over the summer I switched to whole oats/corn/ soybean meal. Added alfalfa pellets and loose mineral. They also get free choice grass hay, can not yet afford free choice alfalfa.
    I have a second freshener that I was planning on getting rid of since she really did not milk very well last year. She has already milked on one side at day three of lactation, than she did at her peak on both sides last year. now I know since this is her second year she would give me more but this seems like it has more to do with the feed. Both times she delivered a single.
    All my goats look great and have a nice weight to them. I hope to be on the path to lots of milk.
    Thanks again.
  2. Sondra

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    Sounds good Steff get her 3lb of alfalfa pellets a day and you will be increasing more.

  3. Patty13637

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    I do not feed straight alfalfa pellets I do forage extender from poulin. If my girls do not get it there milk drops.

    I am now using swetlix magnum milk and can see them looking better overall.

    Amazing what feed will do {smile}

    Here to lots of milk in the coming months !