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    I am here in Alabama and need some help ASAP.

    I have a doeling (Bella) that is approximately 6 months old. I have only had her for about 6 weeks. We have a doe (Lola) that we got at the same time and was thought to be pregnant but now I'm not so sure. They are both from the same herd but not related in any way. Also got a buckling from a different heard that is the same age as the doeling. On Sunday, my buckling (Cardigan) died and we think it was due to worms as we were trying to treat them and I think they (worms) got the best of him. All the goats have been seperated for some time but now the doeling (Bella) is experiencing the same type of simptoms as Cardigan. We did find a tape worm in her watery stool yesterday. We have been giving her a Safeguard Dewormer but not sure that is going to help. Bella is lethargic, white gums, and just looks sickly. Temp seems to be fine and since giving the dewormer yesterday, the stool has begun to form a tiny bit but she is still not wanting to get up unless we get her to stand and she even colapsed yesterday when we did that. She does baaaa a tiny bit but all that sounds normal. She doesnt seem to be in any pain or anything like that. I really dont know what else to do. I am looking for help so that Bella doesnt find the same fate as Cardigan. The doe (Lola) that we have has not shown any signs at all but we are still treating her just in case because Bella didnt show signs until now. Please help.

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    What color are the insides of her lower eyelids?

    Does she have a fever?

    Have you been treating regularly for Coccidia?

    Have you had a fecal test done by the vet to find out what worms she has?

    Go to this link:,2077.0.html

    Print it out, read it over several times. It took me a while to absorb all the info.

    I fear there are basic goat care tasks that you may not have known to do.

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    oh boy, you need a bettr wormer one that Works for your area, quessing here that Valbazen, Ivomec - Plus or Cydectin would be the way to go. See what you can get your hands on quick. then did the herd you get her from treat for cocidiosis? she should still be on treatment Now. She may be dehydrated and need lactated ringers. Do you have a decent goat vet in the area? Check around.
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    I'd be doing at LEAST cydectin or ivermectinplus, cocci treatment if you havent already, decent probiotic and probably fluids sub-q.

    I suspect that you may not have the ability...I'd be vet hunting in your shoes and not waste any time on it.
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    Safeguard Dewormer
    I don't think this is going to help you except for the tapes and have a feeling this is a pelleted dewormer which is not going to work fast enough.

    Get her to a VET NOW because with white gums etc she is very anemic and needs more help than just the normal she probably needs some banamine to help the gut. which is a Vet RX.
    you need to worm her with cydectin 1 cc per 22 lb and also ivormec plus and valbazen (for tapes or a white wormer. you will have to build her back up and it will be a long slow process

    I am totally guessing here but am imagining that she is dehydrated from the worms also and will need fluids
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    Yes, get some Cydectin and do as Sondra suggested NOW.... with the Banimine too. Forget the tapes for now - that's probably not what is killing her. Get some Nutra-drench, Red Cell or something like it and give her something to give her some energy and strenght. Treat Lola too. A shot of Vit B fortified will help with her appetite. You don't have time to lose.

    Alabama is like Louisiana - hot and humid - and worm haven. Parasites is the #1 killer in goats. Treat them now and repeat in 10 days to 2 weeks to break the worm cycle.
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    Not sure what part of the state you are in, or what kind of goats you have....but if you're around the Pell City area, I'll let you have enough cydectin (wormer) ....a couple banamine injections, and some cocci treatment meds. ....enough to at least get your goats turned around so you can manage things for now.

    If not, and a vet is not available to you.....then try to get to a feed store, and pick up these 2 things which they probably have on hand.

    1. Quest ---horse is a jell like wormer, and contains cydectin. It is like about 1cc per 100 lbs of watch your dosage, as it is 4X's stronger than pour on cydectin.

    2. Di-methox-----you may only find some powdered stuff. Here is the breakdown how to use it if you absolutely have to.
    These are Kaye's notes, as we found that most feed stores down here carry this stuff for cattle...and in an emergency...this might will do. I can come up with is 1 package to a pint of water.
    There's 94,600mgs in one pint of water. 16oz in a pint. 30cc/oz.
    Divide 94600 by 480cc = 197mg/ml. Each cc will treat 2.6#'s of kid and give it the needed 75mg/kg.
    For a 10# kid...3.8cc round that off to 4cc...I don't deal in 10ths orally.
    You can carry it on up to 75-80# in 4cc increments.

    If you mix this concentrated like this...use warm water..make absolutely SURE you get all the powder dispersed in the liquid...and keep it in the AC or refrigerator until you use it all up in 5 days. Toss what you don't use.

    Let me know if I can help,

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    Is this goat still alive ?

  9. Sondra

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    was wondering the same
  10. :update

    I appologize for not being on here to sooner to let everyone know. Later that night after everything I could do for Bella, we lost her at about 11:00 that night. I got her Cydectin and everything that I could get my hands on. I am a midwife and nurse so I even did IV fluids and nothing worked. I even tried CPR. I know that might sound a little crazy but I guess thats me. I do everything in my power and she died in mine and my daughters arms. It was probably one of the toughest things I have ever had to do. We have the one goat left and currently treating her the best way I know how. She seems to be doing well at this moment in time. My family has been devistated and I want to thank every single one of you that have responded.

    I will continue to be part of this very caring group if that is still o.k.!

    In the questions that were asked:
    Nubian Goats
    Im in Clanton, AL
    There no vets near me that really has a good clue regarding goats.

    I think that should cover everything for now. Thank you again for everything.

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    I'm SOOOOOO sorry Sarah!!! It is so hard to loose one of these goats when they are so precious to us. I just lost my favorite buck under similar circumstances - only he was 3 years old. I'm so sorry this had to happen to your family!
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    :down I too, am so sorry Sarah. The only advice I have is to read everything you can in goatkeeping 101, and if you can, copy it and keep it in a book for emergencies..
    It is so personally devastating to loose one of these critters that we love so dearly, and I'm so sorry that you had to go through this.. :sniffle
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    So sad that you lost her.

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    :down OK Sarah.....sorry you lost her....I was afraid that we got to late of a start on this one. I would get the doe that you have left on a treatment (worms/cocci) very similar to what was suggested with the sick one. Most likely she will try to follow the other 2 that died if you don't.
    Cocci has been what has played havoc on folks goats around here up 'til now (this summer), but am seeing HC worms starting to show up lately in several herds. The Quest should take care of the HC if they are not "super worms".

    I'm about 60 miles N.E. of kinda a little out of the way for you.

    When you get things "normal" around there in a few days, there are a couple Nubi breeders in our area that have pretty nice animals that come from good sound management practices. They may cost you a little more, but the extra price would be worth it to get a healthy goat that shouldn't give you problems.
    Like others said......get in 101 here and learn all you can in the coming days and weeks, so you will be prepaired to practice good sound management when you get started past this crisis.

    Raising goats really is not that hard, or at least it shouldn't be......but there are a few simple management practices that you almost always have to follow, or things will go down hill on you pretty fast sometimes.

    I suspect that you're feeling like quitting about now, but don't. I think just about all of us started off that first year with all sorts of bad events, but it gets much better and enjoyable after you learn more about it . Even folks that have been in this for several years still have fires to put out from time to time....but it gets to where it's more like putting out a match, rather than hosing down a brush fire.

    Always glad to see a neighbor on the board....hope you continue to stay with dairy goating, and hang around. Lots of folks around here are willing to help you as you re-group.

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    Sorry Sarah that you lost your doeling. Like everyone said. READ everything on here and make a book. I can't tell you how much that has helped me.

    Vicki in NC
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    So sorry you lost your doeling. :sniffle