Vacation time is officially over

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by stacy adams, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. stacy adams

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    Since we weren't milking until February, my DH thought he would surprise me with a vacation cruise! It was nice to be somewhere warm and to have someone else fix your meals and clean your room ;) Sadly, it was all over with too soon :(
    As we pulled in the driveway, there were the goats.. all of them, roaming the road, eating browse, in other words, loose! Good Lord! so I ushered them back into the pasture through the side gate and started counting. You know how it is, just to make sure everyone's there? Well I was missing one, heard a noise in the barn and when I went in to check, there was Blue.. giving birth!!! :jawdrop I mean realy, what are the odds that we would get home just in time!? It was really a God thing... anyway, she had triplets, two bucklings and a doeling. I think she heard that if I didn't get a girl, I was going to go in and fish one out! :rofland So here I am, heating up bottles, feeding babies, and milking, yep vacation time is definitely over. :sniffle
    I really wasn't expecting her to kid so soon, but counting back, she was 20 days early and apparently DID get bred on that first heat.
    Gotta go make a "Baby Page" for my website... :biggrin
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    Wow! What a home coming :lol I'm so glad you made it in time for the birth.


  3. leslieh

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    Most definately perfect timing! She was just mad at you for going away and decided you needed to get back to work! :lol

  4. Kalne

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    Oh my gosh! That is always my fear whenever we are all gone at once (usually only on Sunday mornings) - that our goats will get out and get into the road or something. What an end to a lovely sounding vacation.
  5. It is wonderful you found them all. And babies to boot. Congrats!
  6. Corky

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    That sounds exactly like things happen here when we try to get away.
    We always seem to come home to a catastrophy of some kind.

    Last time we came home to the animals trapped in the goat side of the barn as the donkey crawled in there after hay because hers was all gone and then someone shut the gate behind them.
    They were thirsty but otherwise fine.
    We were only gone three days and there was some water buckets in the goat barn.

    Thank goodness you got home in time for the kidding.

    What a welcome home party. :crazy