UTI (urinary tract infection)

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    I have a 9 month old doeling that I am pretty sure has a urinary tract infection...She started out with a sore on the bottom of her vulva, which I treated and it took two months, but healed. While treating this, I noticed that her hoohaw area was "oily"..not stinky, but moist. Then yesterday morning she had a tail that was wet with pee! I gave her two cranberry pills and planned on calling my vet today. This morning she had a peed tail again. She is eating normally and playing etc...but she has a temp of 103.3...my vet said to give her dura-pen at the cattle dosage which is 2ml per 150lb...I have copied info that says between 3cc and 5cc per 100lb. This doeling is 100lbs and I gave her 3 1/2cc. I don't think it's enough and really don't even know if this is the correct antibiotic to give her. I wanted to give her biomycin, but the vet said that pennicilin stays in the urethral tract in higher concentrations that La-200/biomycin...any advice or experiences would be appreciated.