Undescended Testicles?

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  1. I have a young (9 months old) Nubian buckling. He was growing well (dam
    raised) looking good, didn't wean him until 5 months or so. His growth has
    slowed some. Also I have noticed lately that his scrotum seemed "tucked
    up". When I palpated it, it seems that his testicles are no longer
    descended. At least...they LOOKED descended before. Is this possible?
    Could they descend again on their own without surgery?

    Julie in OK
  2. PS I have been asked on other boards if it is cold here yet, I know that can be a reason, but no it isn't very cold here now, nights are chilly but days are still 70's.

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    Did you feel of him when he was born? Bucks can have undesended testicles just like all mammals, grow and look completely normal, but if you feel, there is only epididamis (tubes) in the sack, no testicles. Obviously with his testicles up in his belly he has no viable sperm, the would be too warm (although I am sure if it's super cold out it may not be impossible for some to survive). He is not a good candidate to use as a herd sire, even if you could manipulate them down or do surgery on him. Sorry! Vicki