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    One of our does, a 3year old 2nd freshener has something wierd with her udder. it started out last year with a couple of small knots or hard lumps on her udder, maybe dime sized. One on her left teat has grown in size, the others are still small. It has slowly gotten bigger and it's in a place where it's a little difficult to milk her because the lump is right where the teat and udder connect. It feels like it extends down into the teat canal itself and up into the udder. Her udder doesn't milk down in size either, on both sides it stays relatively the same size before and after milking.
    She has raised one set of twins one set of triplets. She's tested CAE/CL neg ( as is the whole herd, tested again last month) She looks/acts very healthy. She's producing about a gallon a day-- milk looks/tastes fine, her kids were weaned about a month ago.

    Any ideas what this could be off the top of your head?

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    OK, you know the little pimply things that engorge as you get more and more pregnant on your areola area around the nipple? Goats have these also they just don't have the flat pigmented area that we do. So these what ever they are calleds:) can clog or get infected, or simply get inlarged. Some right after kidding will have them swell into a literally ring around the teat, or just on one side. And yes they are conneted to both the udder and teat with tubes. There is nothing you can do for it, some does have them and some does don't and we have never seen it run in families. When she is dry you will hardly notice them so it has to be hormonal or the feeding of high estrogen foods like soy or clover and I think barley etc... I know in a herd I help that feeds distillers grains, literally what is left over after making beer, has lots of nusiance problems like this...I think just like men who drink alot of beer, get big estrogen beer bellies, the amounts of this in distillers grains from the barley and hops...makes lots of milk thought. Vicki

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    I bought a doe last year that the breeder said had "scar tissue" on one teat-he had only freshened her the one time. I milked her for a couple of weeks before I was giving it a good feel and it popped! So gross like the biggest pimple ever-healed up fine. It was very similar to what you describe. Her udder didn't look any different you could just feel this hard firm area where teat meets udder.