Udder/orfice ?

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  1. Okay I would first love to thank you all for the wonderful information on lactating diets. It has made tremendous differences in Ava's milk. More cream, no "goat" taste (which must come from the processed feed). I think this year I will get to gain some weight after babies are weaned (HaHa like that could happen!).
    Ava is producing twice the amount of milk she was last year. This morning she milked out at 2/3 a gallon, which last year her top amount in the morning was half a gallon. I can already see a problem. It takes less time to milk out the left side of her udder. I spend most of my time milking out the right. Now heres the question. Is the right side actually producing more milk or could it be that her left orfice is loose and is leaking out the milk? I have noticed the stream on the left being slightly bigger than the right. Since she is not a great show goat and she will be leaving us this fall I'm not going to try to fix the problem. I am just curious so that should I run in to this again I will know what to do. Tammy
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    Almost all my goats milk out faster on one side than the other. As long as the udder looks even I don't worry, the orifice is just a little smaller or my hand is weaker on one side.

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    My doe Sugar milks so easily on the left side. The right side is a real bugger. It's harder to let down, and when it first starts, it's thin as a thread. After a bit of milking, though, the milk comes out easier. But you have to get it started.

    She's a second freshener. Her first baby was a single doeling, and she wouldn't nurse on that side. When I got her, her right teat was larger because it was stretched from not being nursed. It's still some larger, but now she's being nursed evenly by her two bucklings. I should add, though, that Lightnin always nurses on the right side, and Lefty on the left (how appropriate - just noticed that :) .) Anyway, I bring that up, because Lefty is a good 10 pounds heavier than Lightnin - probably because he gets so much more milk so easily.