Udder and joint problems

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    :help New at this, don't know all correct terms yet so please bear with me.

    Doe gave birth to twins on 3/3

    We noticed 3 months before birthing her joints cracked and popped alot when she walked. Now she is walking stiff legged and seems to barely get around.

    Her udder is a purple color in spots(mainly teats and at the back). The udder is not even, I did milk out the larger side this morning but got nothing from the smaller side (the kids seem to mainly nurse this side). She nurses her kids well, they are both doing very good. Her temp is 103 today and has had a range of 102.3 - 103.5 since Wednesday. The milk did not have a smell, clumps, or discoloration. I checked before milking with Dr. Naylors mastitis card and it showed O.K.

    What would cause the purple udder color?

    Why is she walking so stiff legged almost like she hurts to move?

    What can we do?

    Thanks for your imput!
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    Has this does beem tested for cae??
    I would milk out the doe everyday if the kids aren't nursing off one side but also you can tape up the side the kids are using so they have to use the other side. I can't help u with the discolored udder doens't sound real good.

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    Cae was the first thing that popped into my mind also.

    The mastitis cards do not work well. CMT is better , best is to send a milk sample off.

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    How old is your doe ? Your doe's udder will be uneven if the kids nurse only one side ,I have kids doing that also this year but it gives me a nice full side for milking. Here is one of my doe's that has a purple udder and her's is normal, is this what yours looks like ? Is her udder hot ? I dont know about the walking stiff.
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    If she has the form of mastitis that gave her purple spots on her udder that go black and slough she would be extremely ill. When first fresh and new tissue is showing on the udder, the skin changes to a darker color. How our black grandkids 'color up' in splothes on their butts, first time I saw this I asked the mom if she was spanking him on the butt (I am not against spanking but he was way to young to be spanked :)

    White/pink skined does can have large freckel areas also.

    Her temp is normal. And by the time a Dr. Naylor's card is showing mastitis your doe is so overtly ill you know she has matitis! Ditch them. If you want to use CMT instead, know it is a protocoal. Test her each Monday, change in the amount of gel is what you are looking for, becuase some does gel all the time, others never gel, some never gel and then in late lactation get more gel...it is a tool, not a diagnostic test. It tells you that you need to send in a milk sample. Vicki
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    Yes, Yes, Yes to the picture from Bella Star. This looks exactly what her udder is changing to. It was pink before and now it's looking like her picture. Thank you so much. I've never seen this happen. What a relief!!!!!!

    No doe has not been tested for CAE, she was a bottle baby and came from CAE free herd.

    Thank you all for your replys.