Two set of Triplets

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Truly, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Truly

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    Abby and Onyx (Mother and Daughter) both had triplets today.

    Abby had two does and a buck. They were all breech. The first and last were both born dead. One doe survived and is doing fine. It was sad to see big kids born dead, but after all the turmoil of getting each of them out, I was more concerned about Abby.

    Onyx had two bucks and a doe. They are all alive and well.

    I was up all night with Abby. I finally laid down just before 9; set my alarm for 11:30. When I got outside to check Abby, I found Onyx in a small pool of goo and she was pushing. Called my BF to bring out the towels, etc, but Onyx kidded the first one b4 help arrived.

    Abby is getting a uterine flush and started on Penn.

    I'm going to take a nap. :whew
  2. stacy adams

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    Sounds like you are deserving of a nap! wow.. Sorry you lost the two, but I too would have been more concerned about Abby. How's she doing?

  3. Sondra

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    Ah congrats on all the live ones and Hopefully Abby is doing fine. We had a set of triplets today also two does and a buck
  4. goatkid

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    Sorry you lost two of the kids. I hope Abby will be OK. Congrats on the surviving kids. Kathie