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I have two retired show does (12 and 13 years old). They are Nigerians. About two weeks ago the older doe, who had two kiddings back in the day, started to develop what we thought was a fatty udder. This week, we noticed that the other doe, who never had kids, has started to develop an udder too! They are not hard, but not squishy like you'd expect it to be if it was fat. They feel like they have milk! I tried to milk one to see and nothing came out. Neither doe is pregnant, they have been away from all other goats for a few years, and none of the neighbors have goats.

When handled, nether doe acts like it hurts to be touched. The udders are not lopsided, they are warm, but not hot. Neither doe has any other symptoms.

The younger doe has always had very obvious heat cycles, and her last cycle was a month ago. The other hasn't cycled in a few years.

Any ideas? I'm totally stumped!
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