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    We have a 3 year old Nigerian that we've never seen in heat. She spent 45 days with a buck last fall. We never saw her get bred & she never kidded. We've been told that she's probably cystic but what's treatment protocol? We had a doe 2 years ago that constantly came in heat & we used cystorellin & lutalyse but I don't remember the protocol, if it's even the same.
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    I have had success with the following protocol. It can be used for both cystic does, and for AI/hand breeding synchronization.Day of injection is considered day 1, day 7 is from the starting day of 1, not 7 days later(which would be the 8th day).

    Day 1 - 3cc Lute
    Day 7 - 1cc Cyst.
    Day 14 - 3cc Lute
    Day 16 - Buck AM/PM for AI, all day exposure for pasture/hand breeding
    Day 17 - 1cc Cyst

    Best of luck!

    Kelly :)

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    Search this on the dairy goat info forum here. Lots of info there.