Treatment for congested udder

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    I have been working with this for 2 years now. I wanted to make sure it worked and that there wouldn't be any problems in the next kidding. So far, everything is working out great. No funny taste to the milk, no ill affects to the does, none to the babies (yes I do leave them on the dams while I do this and no problems).
    I have to use gloves because I am very sensitive to the DMSO. You have to have a soapy bucket to wash your hands between milkings, if you are milking multiple does (***because it is VERY messy). I just do this at the regular milking session, but whatever works for you. If you have someone that can help you, one can do the milking while the other does the "treatment".
    On with the treatment....
    get an empty plastic bottle (any kind that you can quirt the liquid out and not mess around with unscrewing a lid).
    1/2 cup DMSO liquid (not the gel)
    1/2 cup distilled water
    1 tsp. tea tree oil ( you can get it at Walmart in the pharmacy section)
    1 T Black seed oil (I get mine at Sprouts -farmers market, but any health food store should carry it
    2 T Turmeric Powder (also at Sprouts in the bulk spice section, much cheaper than in the regular spice area).

    I double the recipe and mix it in a quart mason jar, fill the small squeeze bottle and keep the excess in the jar with a plastic lid. Refill when needed.
    I use the two oils for their therapeutic value and also as a moisturizer. DMSO can be very drying to the skin and I found that these oils really make their udders oh so buttery soft. The DMSO and Turmeric are both anti-inflammatory and the Turmeric along with the oils are anti bacterial, microbial, viral and just plain good. The DMSO is a carrier, so it takes these things through the skin and helps heal from within. It is a great product and I have found that it REALLY works on the udders, almost immediately. I have read that so many people are rubbing their does udders until they feel their arms are going to fall off, but not with this. I pour this stuff in my hand and slop it on the udder (front, back, sides, and between the tits) I will rub for maybe 5 minutes all the way around and you can just feel the udder give way. They start off feeling like a knee or elbow and end up feeling boobs. The more your use it on them the better the udder will be.
    I have found that I only have to use this for 3-5 days 2x's a day. If the problem comes back, usually another couple of days is all I have had to do. I have not yet (knock on wood) had to use it for more that a week on any doe.

    ***I do have to warn you the messy part is the Turmeric powder. It is yellow and will stain the udder, hair, and you a nice yellow color. So if you are showing, this would probably be a problem. I found that it fades after a couple of days, especially with warm soapy water. I don't show so it's not a problem for me.