Total Magnification?

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    We are looking into doing our own fecal exams and are confused by the microscope in this link.

    Dh is looking at microscopes with magnification in the eye piece as well at the lenses. The text says magnification at 10x and 40x, but with magnigication in the eye piece, that makes magnification at 100 and 400.

    So which total magnification do we want, 40 or 400?


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    The greater the magnification, the larger the image (ie, more detail) you'll get. Which is helpful in identifying eggs as quite a few of them look similar at lower magnifications.

    However, the greater the magnification, the smaller your viewing field. So what you do is scan at lower mag, and if you find something, then you switch to the higher mag to try to make out details for a positive ID.

    ( I can't remember if it's better to have magnification in the eyepiece or not or have it all in the lower lens. It's been too long since I was reading fecals and the microscopes we were using were laboratory quality (stereoscopic, camera attached, high mag lenses). But that was nearly 20 years ago. :) )

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    The usual is a total of 100 and 400, 100 for scanning and 400 for a closer look when needed. But they are commonly called 10X and 40X, as you found.