To those who lease your does out or lease does..

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    what do you do if one of the does dies? The reason I ask is a friend that is moving to another country has offered to lend me two does for winter milk customers free of charge she just wants them bred to my South-Fork buck which is fine. My problem is if one of these does dies what then, I can't afford to drop hundreds of dollars on a dead goat, and I would feel horrible. This just doesn't feel right at all, I would love to have the milk but not the problems that goes with it.

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    have it in a lease agreement the particulars. I don't like having something for nothing.. it seems I always end up costing me something in the end.
    Do what your heart tells you.. it usually is more right than 'thinkin' on it.

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    Ask the owner how she would want the situation handled, if the answer is something you can work with move forward with a lease agreement. Just put the particulars down on a piece of paper and both parties sign. If it doesn't feel right it probably isn't, trust your gut.

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    Just echoing what others have said - but even though this is a friend make sure these sort of things are in writing! It assures there are no "well I thought you said" and makes things SO much easier.

    I had a horse on lease a couple years ago from someone i was friendly with. Found out its rather important to have everything very clearly spelled out.

    If nothing else it protects your friendship should anything go wrong :)
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    You want to know who pays the vet bills / who pays the feed etc etc etc
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    :yeahthat also, who keeps the kids, does she want to hang onto the bucklings? If they are there long enough, you will have to deal with the kids, how long will you have them, what if they are injured (body or udder). My friend had a similar deal and the person came and took does and kids and all! The agreement was that my friend got the kids and after a time the does were to be returned. Didn't work out that way! I don't have any experience but I thought of those things.
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    You must have a contract. I handle it with at least a visit now and then, and at monthly hoof trimming (which is on the contract) they have to call or email me with the does taped weights. A doe on lease isn't a high dollar doe anyway, now if you let a group of dogs in and kill the persons goat, than sure you should have a dollar amount on the cost of the doe or the vet bills, paid by you...but if it's disease, or an act of god, than of course you are not responsible. But write it on the contract, because even if a dog comes in and kills their goats and mine, you aren't getting a dime from me. Don't lease to me :) because I won't do a contract like that.

    I write it out simply when peoples goats are here, I will take the same care of your goats as I do mine. If anything happens to your goat I will do everything I can for your goat like she is mine, but you pay for drugs and vet bills. If your doe dies for any reason while she is here, I am sorry but I am not responsible for the cost of the doe or her vet bills.

    A lease means you are taking the goats for monetary reasons. You want their milk or their kids to keep or sell. That's you compensation. If you don't care about the kids or the milk than you are boarding, get your feed and time money monthly before the month starts. Vicki