Time to Deworm those boers Linda and others

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Cotton Eyed Does, Mar 25, 2008.

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    During the winter I didn't deworm my boer goats that often. They were pregnant and I gave them a shot of Ivermec once and fed them a couple bags of the Postiive Pellet Dewormer. A couple of days ago I noticed bottle jaw starting to form on one of my does already. She is one that I purchased in January so she did not get the Ivermec shot I gave my other girls, but did get the Positive Pellet Dewormer.

    So anyway, just a heads up .... it is time to hit those boer goats hard again with the dewormers and keep it up so she don't have problems like we did last year. I have dewormed mine with Cydectin and the one with the bottle jaw I waited 3 days and dewormed her again with Cydectin. These 4 girls are all heavy bred and the other 3 were not showing any signs of worm burdens but they got dewormed anyway.
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    Thanks for reminding me Chris ! So far I have had no problems but I am a expert poop raker :biggrin, I rake just about everyday and have poop for mulching all my fruit trees. I have horrors when it starts raining and I have gave them positive pellets every month and Iveremectin + in March and also Levasole tablets April 1st. however my 7 baby kids that are almost 1 month old have not had anything except a tiny amount of positive pellets and I will worm them this week with Ivermectin + at about 3/4cc orally .