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  1. The goat in question is dead. She was "put down" over a month ago. My aunt wanted me to post and ask though, so I am finally getting around to it.
    Background on goat in question-
    Born here on our farm in 2007, raised on strict CAE prevention. Sold to my aunt and uncle (along with three other CAE prevention raised doelings in same age group) that August. Three of the does ended up with Deer worm that year. This doe included. She was the least affected. Never went down and responded very quickly to treatment. Delivered her single doeling in early July 2008.
    She had had some crusty stuff on her hind legs since last Winter. I had noted it, but hadn't known what to do, so had my aunt keep an eye on it. It was still just crusty and not really doing anything until about September of this year. The crusty flakes were good sized and would turn bloody on ocassion. At some point it started to spread. My uncle called me one night saying she had raw spots on her side where it looked like she had scraped herself. There were 3 areas about 2 inchesX3 inches in size. Just raw bloody areas. It appeared to be healing and then the next thing they knew, the skin had torn away and her internal organs were exposed.
    She had talked to the vet's office and they had told her it sounded like mites, maybe, so we had treated her with ivermectin injected. After the area opened up the vet did come out and take a look. She told them the doe would need to go to OSU for any chance of recovery, and my aunt and uncle decided that was out of their price range and there wasn't even a garantee, so she was euthanized. The vet took some skin scrapings and I don't think they were ever sent off. I don't know. Money is an issue with all of this. The vet is young, just out of college. I haven't had much experience with her. I like her, but she isn't that up to date on the goat stuff, but few of them are.
    Two other does in the herd have the same crustiness on their legs. Not as extreme, but there. My aunt has been putting a salve the vet left on them. I can't remember the name, but it is blue and a name I recognize.
    My aunt is worried about the other two does, so she was hoping someone might recognize the odd symptoms.
    The herd is only exposed to my buck(s) for breeding.
    The problem is the amount of deer they are also exposed to as well.
    They live in a valley with a stream running through it.

    I have the twin sister to the doe that was euthanized. She has shown no signs of having the same issues.

    I told my aunt I doubted anyone would know, but she keeps asking so I needed to at least post. Maybe someone has run into something similar.
    Unfortunately, I did not see the open wounds for myself and there were no picures taken either. I know you all don't like third hand, but in this case, it isn't life and death as the goat in question is no more.
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    Do you vaccinate for staph at all? That is the only thing that comes to mind...or some type of autoimmune disease.

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    Well for mites or lice I would use Cylence but wondering if this isn't staph that has gone from bad to horrible. I just have never seen anything like you are discribing so really no help but I wouldn't use any cream or ointment of anytype. I would copper bolus and give them BoSE and treat for both. Anytime they get a sore whether caused by a scrape or mites/lice it can turn into staph as staph is everywhere in the ground.
  4. Ah, thank you Sondra, I had forgotten.
    We also dusted the does for lice, along with the AIvermect injected.
    I had not thought of Staph.
    The salve has actually helped the remainingdoes in question.
    I want to say Novalson, but I don't think that is quite right.
    They are only vaccinated for CD/T, as that is all we've vaccinated for here as well.
    I will mention Staph. She was a nurse, now a minister. He is an EMS worker, so they have medical backgrounds, but are at a loss when it comes to the
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    I've never heard of Nolvasan salve, but it may exist. Nolvasan is chlorhexadine, which is used to treat staph. If you can get a picture of the crusty stuff on the remaining does' legs, someone here might recognize it. Kathie
  6. It is a Nolvasan blue cream/salve that she is putting on the does twice a day.
    Here is Amber's hoof area;
    She also has some on her leg, but with all her hair it is harder to see. Yes, her hooves need a trimming. I'll probably do that for them on Tuesday morning if the weather is nice enough.

    Here is Sundae's leg;
    She has some on the other leg as well.

    Both seem to be healing, and are not spreading at lease. Amber is not as well off as Sundae but she's had it worse anyways.